Compliance Management



The Compliance Management Solution CMS computer tool is an effective and efficient method for your company and its managers and workers to be aware of the importance of regulatory compliance, the necessary control that the company has to carry out, the obligatory prevention against risk, especially fraud, training of employees and managers. The computer application in a simple way, reflects a traceability regarding the interest and economic and personal effort made by the company and management so that its members comply with the law and internal regulations, in which any worker can confidentially report the facts that are committed in the company contrary to the norm and / or the law.

The CMS application demonstrates that the company’s ethical and control program complies with the spirit of the letter required by the criminal code and other international standards (Bribery Act, FCPA, Sarbanes – Oxley, European Market Defense Regulations, achieving this way to be exempt from criminal responsibility.

App content:


* Database for consultation and study of standards.

* Training courses regarding the rules and laws. Exercise of due control.

* Verification tests of knowledge of the standards: Self-correction. Automatic (repeat after X days in case of failure).


* Sending notices and alerts: Acknowledgment of receipt. Reminders by e-mail.

* Computer application of the internal complaint channel.


* Due Diligence to demonstrate the delegation of powers.

* Checklists for the follow-up of actions and achievement of objectives: Attach documents that certify it.

* Generation of content on paper: rules, evaluation tests and checklists.

* Internal consultation system.

* Establish a compensation system for the ethical employee of the month.

* Statistical and historical data globally and individually regarding the results of the Tests.

Which person or people in the company will use the CMS application

One of the advantages of the CMS computer application is its simplicity. Any worker can use the CMS tool in the style of Microsoft Office.

Therefore, the people who will have access to the application are:

All employees, collectively or individually. Each employee will have a user number, including password changes, profiles, user creation or cancellation.
The Compliance Officer of the company, the legal department or Director of internal audit.
A third administrator (general manager of a branch, subsidiary of the parent company or factory managers dependent on the headquarters, etc.).
Benefits of the Software Compliance Management Solution CMS

* The company requires its employees to comply with the norm and the law, trying to make all its employees compliance officers.

* Exercise control over your employees.
It complies with the Spanish criminal law and international standards.

* Train your employees in an agile, easy and intuitive way.

* It reflects a traceability of the means used by the company to comply with the standard and avoid fraud and crime.

* Notify all or some of the workers about changes in the internal regulation or in the law.

* Allows all workers to communicate with the company to solve doubts.

* Encourage workers and managers to report anyone who violates the law.

* Acquires greater credibility and reputation with national and international institutional investors, thereby allowing you to sell more and better.

* Possibility for the director of risks and / or Human Rights, to have visibility about the statistical information on the reading of the employees’ standards, results of the evaluation tests, verification, etc. In short, the state of compliance with the rules, generating periodic reports.

* Consult the history of the results of the evaluation tests, as well as the winners for being considered the ethical man of the month.