Lesseps Legal Consulting

Lesseps Legal, provides its services in the defense of matters in economic and international criminal law, as well as in legal advisory processes to companies in the field of regulatory compliance (criminal compliance, labor equality and ESG), family law, civil, administrative and trade.

The firm was founded in 1996 by the director of the firm Christian Mesía, Law graduate, with more than 30 years of professional practice in the field of criminal law, PhD in Law from the San Pablo CEU University, with an Outstanding Cum Laude grade , being one of the lawyers that the consulates of the vast majority of countries in the world recommend to their nationals, a member of numerous ethics and Compliance councils of national and international companies and a professor at the San Pablo CEU University and renowned business schools. prestige.

 In turn, he has extensive experience in economic criminal law procedures and corporate criminal liability, having written numerous publications on company compliance programs, tax crime, money laundering and punishable insolvency crimes, among others.

All the firm’s lawyers have more than 25 years of experience in their respective fields, dedicating personalized attention to their clients and seeking the greatest satisfaction and success of the case.

In turn, Lesseps Legal advises, protects and, where appropriate, defends companies, the board of directors and administrators through an adequate risk assessment, compliance with national and international regulations, and control of administrators and workers, through technological tools and checklists, with the firm purpose of creating in the company, a responsible and transparent good Corporate Governance, an effective Board of Directors and a work environment, integral and lasting over time, facilitating and helping safely the directors and workers of the company to report confidentially all acts committed contrary to the laws and internal regulations of the company.

As far as his relationship with the university world is concerned, Christian is a Professor at the San Pablo CEU, Carlos III universities, at the Instituto de Empresa, at the ESCP Europe Business School and at EUDE. He has been a speaker at numerous seminars and round tables on Corporate Social Responsibility and other current issues related to his areas of specialization. He has been a juror in the prestigious League of Practical Cases of the San Pablo CEU University, in end-of-degree and master’s projects courts and in doctoral thesis defense courts.

The personal telephone numbers of the firm’s lawyers are available to clients, and they can and must contact their lawyer as many times and days as necessary, including weekends. The client must be at all times advised and calm to have a professional at their service 24 hours a day, 365 days a week.

Contacto: Dr. Christian Mesía