LEGAL DEFENSE IN COURTS OF JUSTICE (Criminal courts, provincial hearings, national court, high court of justice, Supreme Court, Constitutional Court and European Court of Human Rights).

The team of lawyers of recognized prestige of Lesseps, defends its clients, individuals, companies, their directors and workers before the Courts of Justice, in each and every instance, seeking at all times the success of the case and the satisfaction and tranquility of the client.

Lesseps lawyers have a lot of experience in criminal law matters related to:

  • Crime against public finances.
  • Crimes related to international law (European Arrest and Delivery Order, extraditions, transfer of convicted persons, etc.).
  • Crime of money laundering.
  • Crime of scams in all its aspects.
  • Crime of misappropriation.
  • Crimes of punishable insolvency.
  • Corporate crimes.
  • Crimes against workers’ rights.
  • Crimes related to corruption.
  • Crime of corruption in business and in sports.
  • Crime against honor.
  • Crimes against people.