The figure of the whistleblower, or informer, is a fundamental part of the success of any corporate compliance program.

The spirit that these programs contain, and therefore their ultimate goal is to establish ethical conduct, honesty and integrity, in the DNA of companies.

The success of these initiatives lies fundamentally in the establishment of a complaint channel that allows the whistleblower to complain, which takes place in an environment that favors the complaint, inspires confidence in the whistleblower, ensures confidentiality and required security.

Among the purposes of a reporting channel are:

Make company members aware of corporate anti-fraud policies. “Zero Tolerance” with irregularities.

Serve as an effective prevention mechanism against crimes and other infractions of the law and / or the Code that could be committed in the company

Allow the company to promptly detect the commission of any violation of the Code and / or the law within or to the detriment of them.

Prevent the company from being criminally sentenced to high fines and penalties.

At Lesseps we are specialized in developing complaint channels for companies as part of their compliance programs, their preparation and implementation, as well as the necessary training regarding their operation.

Through our own tool – @whistleblowing- we implement complaint channels with the department designated by the company, acting as the Ombudsman or the external compliance officer of the company. Complaints, for security reasons, will be made confidentially, not anonymously and the data will be stored on a computer server hosted by the entity specialized in Hosting services, the server being stored in the data center owned by the company.

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