The payments that must be made, for commissions generated in purchase and sale operations of a certain size and importance, require, in the globalized world in which we find ourselves, an important security at the time of being able to guarantee that the distribution of these payments, between the different intermediaries, it will be carried out in a safe way and in the agreed amount.

Those professionals with experience in such operations require our services, being neutral and independent in the transaction, which ensures that the commissions are going to be paid, in the manner and in the total agreed, to the persons included in the contract.

We act as an independent party, receiving the amount of money stipulated in the contract as a trust in a bank account, and immediately upon receiving such amount, we distribute to each of the commission agents, their percentage agreed in a contract.

Lesseps Legal, not only provides the Paymaster service, but also advises its clients on everything related to international taxation, as well as commercial and procedural procedures.

The figure of the paymaster as a mediator in the payment of commissions agreed in important transactions of businesses, commmodities, minerals, financial products …, not only seeks a mediation that provides greater security, reliability and trust in said transactions that thus contribute to reinforcing the trust between business partners but is also key in the important mission of complying with the increasingly demanding compliance requirements.


The international banking system is currently highly regulated and this means that on many occasions transactions that involve large sums of money can alarm banks to the point of closing how many or blocking customer funds, if they perceive such operations can lead to any problem with the banks’ compliance departments.

At Lesseps we have been working closely with the compliance departments of the main national banks for a long time to ensure that our clients’ funds do not experience any setbacks.